You Get To Hear Samples Of Your Work Before We Call It Finished !

Contact Us to discuss your work or project before sending in any materials.  We will return any unauthorized submissions.  By contacting us first, we may be able to save you a lot of time which means a lot of money.  We may determine that your project needs additional work done at the facility in which it was mixed or that your works may be of a type we can not professionally master.  If we do proceed with the work and we get to a point that we feel we have achieved the sound that you are looking for, we will send you a reference disc proof on CD-R that will have a partial of each song or tune in order to give you an idea of what your finished work will sound like.  Also, remember that you should try playback of the refernce disc on quality equipment.  We find that portable CD players with good stereo headphones do an excellent job.  If you are satisfied with the sound, we ask that you sign the proof CD-R and send it back along with a letter of approval.  We will, at that time, make two copies of the finished project on CD-R and send them to you along with a time log and an invoice after payment is received.


What We Need For Your Project

1.  The very first thing that we require is proof of authorization or ownership for the materials that we perform any adjustments on.  If there are any samples on the recordings, you must supply proof or licensing from the owner of the samples.  Contact us for questions regarding this issue.

2.   Never send us your only copy of your works.  Make a couple of backup copies and keep them at your facility.  We need good, clear and marked final mix down copies of the audio on CD-R, Dat, SVHS, DCC or Mini-Disc.  We do not accept Cassette format.  We prefer not to work with but, we can work with professionally manufactured 1/4" Reel to Reel tape that has been recorded on a professional piece of equipment and is slowly wound on a 10" Reel left with tails out.  We prefer not to work with old archive tape as it is expensive to process for use. We can do so but we will not assume liability for the processing as it is not always successfully accomplished and the tape may be damaged during the process.  We can; however, suggest companies that do this quite well including processing additional Reel to Reel copies on new tape or other media for you.  Also, when working with 1/4" tape we need to know if the tape is encoded or what type of noise reduction has been used if any.

3.  We need a letter stating exactly what you would like to have done and if you have any preferences.  If you do not have any preferences, we will make adjustments using our own judgement and expertise.  In the case of post production, we will need a list of the songs or tunes in the correct order in which you would like them placed on the master.  Also we need to know if you want us to stay within the digital domain while mastering in the event you have submitted a first generation digital master.  If any preference of Vintage equipment sounds are required, we may have to leave the digital domain at least once.

4.  Remember this:  We can not make a great sounding recording from a poor mix or a poorly recorded song or tune.  Mastering is done from a stereo mixdown and we do not make corrections for musicians out of time, vocals out of pitch, etc.  If your recording has only one or two tracks that are off quality then perhaps you can go back in to the studio and correct them.

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