By The Production Or Standard Hourly Pricing

We Offer Pricing By the Production Or By The Hour                           

Single recordings price per hour .............  $  85.00 minimum charge 1 hour

2 to 5 recordings price per hour ..............   $  70.00 no minimum charge 

6 to 12 recordings price per hour ............   $  65.00 no minimum charge              

More than 12 recordings price per hour ......  Contact us for a quote

Above pricing is based on the same syle of recordings and not mixed genre.


If you would like to have your production quoted as a special, contact us for information on how to submit.  If you feel that your mix is very close to what you are looking for but it needs just a little more punch, etc. and/or post production, you may save quite a bit of money by obtaining a quote.  Materials submitted that are not professionally recorded and.or mixed will be returned.  We can not correct errors in a stereo mix.  (Click on the Technical Information button for details).

Completed Mastering Projetcs, Graphics & Replication           We supply completed projects on CD-R unless otherwise quoted.  All of our prices include two CD-R's along with a Time Log.                          

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